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OCTOBER 25, 2012 Wawa was Declared a Disaster

Life is a Shipwreck.....

But we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. (Voltaire)

Wawa Disaster northern lights motel

Wawa disaster - northern lights motel lost 12 rooms a ton of land and  other buildings

Check out the news video footage from a helicopter

We had no idea we were being flooded, and when we found out the highway was a river - our newest 10 Room Building, was already underwater. The water rose within a few hours, 1/2 way up the windows, before the water (lake) broke through the highway. (We were closed for the season - no one drowned. Whew!)

Flood pic

Motel underwater

Once the highway (acting like a dam), was destroyed, the lake drained, formed a river, and took away our shed, and tons of property.

Waterfalls and River

Flood Pic Wawa Disaster

The highway was closed for ONE WEEK causing all sorts of panic.

Flood pic wawa disaster

Our 10 room building was in ruins, left without access.

Motel Rooms destroyed

Wawa Northern Lights Motel Disaster

Wawa Disaster 2012 Northern Lights Motel & Ford Dealership

Northern Lights Motel Devastation

News Articles about the Flood
Thunder Bay Chronicle "Storm swallows Wawa Business"
Sault Star -"Highway Like a River"
The Sudbury Star - "Wawa Sinkhole - Northern Lights Motel"
The Toronto Sun - "Wawa Tries to Recover"
May 26, 2013 - Mike Purvis interviewed John and Wrote an Update

The photo below made CTV's - 100 Photos that shaped Canada 2012

CTV's pic

(Those are laundry vehicles, not customer vehicles)

But... we are surrounded by boarded up Motels & Businesses. Let's face it, Northern Ontario IS a Disaster. This was just another day!

Northern Ontario Hotels that closed

Mother Nature could never take away our sense of humour. We HAD to chuckle when we read this comment on Facebook -


Funny Comment on Social Media


Those comments inspired me to draw this cartoon.


Cartoon drawing my Mo Hutchinson - Parker


It took one week to rebuild the highway.


rebuilding the highway in front of Northern Lights Motel - Wawa Disaster


Our View never looked like this before

highway being rebuilt in front of northern lights Motel wawa


I made a special Christmas Card for everyone -

Merry Christmas Card


At the time, no one, including us, thought our business would ever reopen. When the Ministry of Transportation rebuilt the highway, they didn't put our entrance back.

Our new entrance after the flood

But we love this successful business, and we could rebuild and save the little we had left. Yay!

Shirley Mills wrote a nice story about the flooding and reopening our Mini Motel

Downsized big time!

It was devastating. We completely lost our 2013 season, and the land loss is massive.

Flood photo

We had to demolish the 2 rooms hanging in the canyon, and had to build a road through the canyon for the demolition of our newest 10 room building (so sad), but.... the property is still destroyed.

Here's Chica under the eroding cliff (this used to be our entrance)

Disaster Front

Here's what used to be a gorgeous backyard :-(

Backyard disaster

Back hole

So yes, 12 Rooms are gone (we are left with 4 rooms), and our property is destroyed, but we stay focused and POSITIVE! Our wonderful guests love our Tiny Mini Motel and are happy that we are still open!

We try not to concentrate on the 2 year old promises from Elected Officials ~

Promises promises

or the gross hydro pole that now replaces the buried fibre optics line on MTO property.

Why can't they just fix their property and bury the fibre optics line???


We'll do the best we can with a BABY Motel, 1 entrance, destroyed property..... and even a new waterfall! omg! wtf?




And nothing says Hospitality like a rusty old culvert out front!


Gross Culvert in front of Northern Lights Motel

But remember folks ~ This is pretty much how Businesses are Treated in Northern Ontario.

So.... When life hands you lemons...

Grab the tequila!



"The primary cause of unhappiness
Is never the situation
but your thoughts about it"
~ Eckhart Tolle

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